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CMP specializes in small to medium parts manufacturing, CNC turning, and CNC milling for various industries. We always ensure that our customers receive machined components with absolute accuracy and within critical tolerances.
CNC Machining
We do more than manufacturing and processing of metals. From assembly, finishing, to bar coded bulk packs, individual clamshell packs, kitted products and more.
Assembly, Finishing & Packaging
First began its operations that serviced the plumbing and forestry industries during the early 1900’s, CMP has a proud tradition of forging new alloys and engineering the future through state-of-the-arts robotics, innovation, and quality control.
Engineering the Future

Welcome to CMP Casting & Machining

We use the process of pressure diecasting to produce metal components tailor-made to satisfy a broad range of customer requirements. Our experienced team will work with you from design to delivery to help you reduce the manufacturing costs of your parts while maintaining the standards expected of an ISO 9001 certified company.

This is the most cost-effective way to produce metal parts in significant volume and we specialize in it.

Available in the following categories: Finials, Quick Connect Couplings, Sign Brackets & Meter Base

We offer parts manufacturing, turning, and milling for the marine, telecom, transportation and forestry industries

We provide a complete solution including initial design, manufacturing, coatings, assembly and custom packing. 

We offer ideas to make your product manufacturing friendly, thus reducing costs and/or creating a more robust process.

We test our alloys daily to ensure the castings we produce meet exacting specifications for performance. 


Pressure Die Casting Solutions

CANADA METAL (PACIFIC) LTD. is proud to offer complete aluminum, zinc, lead, and magnesium die casting solutions. We can assist you with design through to casting, machining, coatings, assembly, and packaging.

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